Hair thinning - Choose the right haircut

Hair thinning - Choose the right haircut

Has intense hair loss given its way to thinning? Are you wondering what you can do? The way to cover thinning is by keeping your hair short. Let’s have a look at the best short hairstyles.

Buzz Cut is the best option for those who are worried about hair loss and thinning. By keeping your hair short, the thinning is effectively covered. Another advantage of the buzz cut is that the procedure of hair styling gets easier and faster than ever.

Tip: Don’t try this at home! Trust your hairdresser as he/she knows how to effectively achieve a great-looking buzz cut.

In case hair thinning is focused on your temples, a Fade haircut will provide the coverage you need without compromising your style. The hair on the top will retain their density and length, while the hair on the sides and temples will be heavily trimmed or even shaved.

By choosing one of the above-mentioned haircuts you will get a modern look while you will successfully cover thinning. Choose wisely!

Buzz Cut example

fade haircut